The Journey of Rotary Club of Dhaka City

In the heart of Dhaka City, the story of the Rotary Club of Dhaka City began with a simple breakfast meeting at Star Kabab and Restaurant, Banani. The exact date may have been forgotten, but the spark of enthusiasm and a shared vision for positive change were ignited that day.

Our Charter member and Past President, Khaleque, expressed his interest in Rotary during that gathering. Simultaneously, another passionate individual, Rtn. Md Quamruzzaman Khan Tipu Mphf, was also going through a period of personal and professional challenges. The seeds of Rotary were planted in their minds that day, and they became the driving force behind this incredible journey.

The realization of this dream started to take shape when Rtn. Tipu discussed the idea with Md Mohsinul Alam, Charter President of Dhaka Dynamic. They shared a common vision of service and community betterment through Rotary, and their collaboration marked the beginning of something extraordinary.

One of the most significant strengths of this budding club was its mentor, guardian, and leader, PDG Rafiq Ahmed Siddique. He provided unwavering support, guidance, and invaluable insights. PDG Rafiq was not alone in this endeavour; he was joined by the esteemed PDG M Khairul Alam and PDG Md Rubayet Hossain, both serving as beacons of inspiration and wisdom.

With a vision and a passionate team, the next step was to reach out to the Rotary District. Rtn. Tipu and his team approached DG 2012-13 Ishtiaque A Zaman with their proposal to establish the Rotary Club of Dhaka City. The proposal was met with acceptance and encouragement, paving the way for the club’s official formation.

The Rotary Club of Jahangirnagar Dhaka graciously agreed to be the sponsor club for this new venture. The club’s Global Service Representative (GSR), the esteemed Rtn. Rina Chowdhury, who was also the Past President of the Rotary Club of Dhaka Rose Vale, provided valuable guidance and support.

Throughout the club’s journey, numerous individuals stepped forward to offer their unwavering support. Khairul Bhai, Rubayet Bhai, Rina Apa, Mohsin, Khaleque, Akhter, and Kanak were instrumental in the club’s early successes. Their dedication and belief in the club’s mission were invaluable.

Yet, a special mention must be made of Charter Secretary, Rtn. Raihan Uddin Khan, who took on immense responsibilities and worked tirelessly to ensure the club’s stability and growth.

On November 14, 2012, the club organized its first official organizing meeting at All Community Club in Gulshan. This marked a significant milestone in the club’s journey towards becoming an official Rotary entity. The dedication and hard work paid off, and on February 7, 2013, the club was awarded its Charter certificate.

The journey wasn’t without its challenges, but the club remained steadfast in its commitment to Rotary’s ideals. Starting with 25 members, the club faced numerous internal and external obstacles. However, through resilience and determination, the club steadily grew to a happy family of 40 members.

The Rotary Club of Dhaka City is a testament to the power of collaboration, dedication, and a shared commitment to service. Rtn. Tipu and the entire club are immensely grateful to everyone who supported them when it was needed the most.

Under the leadership of Rtn. Md Quamruzzaman Khan Tipu Mphf as the Chartered President, the Rotary Club of Dhaka City continues to make a lasting impact on its community and the world. The journey that started with a breakfast meeting and a dream has evolved into a vibrant and thriving force for positive change.


Thanking you
Md Qumruzzaman Khan Tipo MPHF
Chater President
14 November 2012